6 Apps Health IT Pros Need to Stay Healthy At Work

Amanda has been reeling from the many pressures life has to offer since she graduated high school. From college papers and midterms, determining a major, graduating and finding a job, and all the other unexpected bumps along the way. Attaching ‘normal’ life stressors to a high tension health IT job often puts Amanda’s emotions and health at the bottom of her ‘to-deal-with’ list.

If you’re sitting there nodding in agreement due to your own health IT career, it doesn’t surprise us. In fact, our 2016 Health IT Stress Report found an overwhelming 55 percent of health IT professionals are either constantly or frequently stressed. What’s arguably worse — 45 percent say their stress occurs on a frequent or constant basis.

With so many companies pushing for higher employee well-being, sometimes it’s important to take things into your own hands. So, we searched for apps that can help you determine the main causes of your stress, what is making it worse, and how you can work on healing yourself through daily routines catered to your own lifestyle.

Here are six apps that will get you started on a journey to a healthier you: […]

Job Hoppers: 3 Simple Ways to Get Hired

“OK, I have this one in the bag,” thought Jayme. “I’m more than qualified, my resume and cover letter are updated, and I got along with the interviewer perfectly.”

A few weeks later Jayme receives that dreaded “Thank you for applying, but…” email. She is completely baffled about what could’ve gone wrong. So, she decides to be proactive. After emailing the interviewer asking for feedback on how she can do better next time, the interviewer explains that her skills and personality were a perfect fit. However, it was her moving around between three jobs in four years that made them consider someone else who will be permanent.

Jayme couldn’t believe it. She had officially been marked as a ‘job-hopper.’ She had actually never thought of herself as one before because she always left for a promotion, or to follow her passions. It never crossed her mind that those leaps forward in her career would actually be costing her new job opportunities.

Everyday, candidates are stereotyped as job-hoppers. Because they’re unsure of how to present this as a positive attribute during the interview, these qualified applicants end up losing out on their dream jobs.

Here’s how you can promote your job-hopping past during an interview: […]

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Here’s How To Shift The Focus From Salary To Career

Health IT jobs are in higher demand than ever — and everyone knows it. This means your valuable compensation package could be less than or equal to another offer. Quality employees know the opportunities they have based on salary and benefits, but what are they being offered beyond that?

Our 2016 Health IT Salary Report found that the majority of employees are satisfied with their current jobs. The surprise is: money wasn’t listed as their primary reason for workplace satisfaction.

Here’s a look into what is keeping current health IT employees satisfied and how you can attract and retain high quality employees:   […]

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Who takes Home the Most Money in Health IT?

Jobs in health IT are about more than the money. They offer fulfilling, rewarding careers that allow professionals to make a real impact on the lives of patients. But that doesn’t mean money doesn’t matter.

Health IT talent is in high demand, and luckily for professionals in the field, that means salaries are higher […]

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    How to Be Successful in Health IT With an Unusual Degree — Insights from Symantec’s David Finn

How to Be Successful in Health IT With an Unusual Degree — Insights from Symantec’s David Finn

What do theater and health IT have in common? A lot, according to David Finn, CISA, CISM, CRISC, member of ISACA, and Health Information Technology Officer for Symantec. Although he now works to combat major cybersecurity issues in health IT, he began his career with a master’s degree in theater. And he’s just as passionate about health IT as a thespian is about their art.

“This may be the most exciting time in the history of healthcare and the most exciting time to be engaged in information technology,” Finn said. “Put the two industries together and you have a chance to really change the world, to make people well and keep them healthy with technology. You have the opportunity to change the way healthcare is delivered, making it cheaper, better, and faster than we ever imagined.”

We spoke with Finn to talk about his unique path into the field, cybersecurity, and the future of health IT. Here’s what he had to say: […]

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You Need to Follow these Influential Health IT Experts

Health IT professionals are in a unique and challenging position — both healthcare and technology are constantly changing. While you’re an expert in your daily job functions, there are always new regulations, new technology, and evolving trends to keep in mind.

It’s a lot to juggle, but there are experts in the field sharing news, trends, and insights on everything you need to know in the field of health IT. Call them social media mavens, influencers, or thought leaders, these professionals can help you stay on top of the never-ending wave of information while presenting fresh points of view.

Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you and identified the top thought leaders you need to follow in health IT: […]

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    Consulting Firm Or Hospital: Here’s How To Make The Best Decision For You

Consulting Firm Or Hospital: Here’s How To Make The Best Decision For You

You’ve made the difficult decision of choosing a career in health IT — great choice! But now it’s time to choose between a consulting firm and a hospital. Maybe you’re already working for one or the other, but want to know what the grass looks like on the other side of the fence.

When looking at the differences, one thing that has most people stumped is that while consulting companies pay the most in health IT, you’ll find the majority of professionals working for hospitals and health systems. In fact, our 2016 Health IT Salary Survey shows consulting companies, which employ 30 percent of respondents, pay nearly 14 percent more than the second highest paying employer, software companies. However, the most common type of employer, reported by 51 percent of respondents, was hospital and healthcare organizations.

With consulting companies paying such an impressive salary, why aren’t all health IT pros flocking to their doors? The truth is, some people simply fit better in one or the other. Like anything, there are pros and cons to each.

So, let’s take a look at the difference between consulting firms and hospitals to help you decide which path to pursue: […]

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    Do You Have What It Takes To Be In Healthcare Project Management?

Do You Have What It Takes To Be In Healthcare Project Management?

Health IT jobs continue to be in demand and salaries remain extremely competitive. But the high pay doesn’t come to those without skill, training, and certifications. For those looking to enter the health IT field, project management is something worth looking into. In fact, for the third year in a row, they’ve reported the highest average salary at $113,188 — as well as the highest average bonus of $16,974, according to our 2016 Health IT Salary Survey.

What does it take to reach project management status in the health IT field? With the highest average salary, it’s no surprise there’s more to it than checklists and watching over employees’ shoulders. If you’re considering jumping into a career track in health IT project management, here’s what you need to know before getting started: […]

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    Health Tech Trends: This Is How Robots Are Changing The Face Of Elderly Care

Health Tech Trends: This Is How Robots Are Changing The Face Of Elderly Care

With changing healthcare legislation and advancing technology, there’s always news in health IT. To help you stay on top of the industry, HealthITJobs.com brings you the most relevant news in healthcare tech. Take a look at the latest tech innovations, new regulations, recent trends, and more.  […]

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    Why Communication is The Most Important Skill in Health IT — Insights from Logicalis Healthcare Solutions’ Kim Garriott

Why Communication is The Most Important Skill in Health IT — Insights from Logicalis Healthcare Solutions’ Kim Garriott

Although it seems basic now, Kim Garriott, Principal Consultant, Healthcare Strategies for Logicalis Healthcare Solutions, remembers a time when getting a PC with a 20 megabyte hard drive was exciting.   

“We’ve come so far since then, but I was fortunate to start my career in a place where I really got to grow with the industry,” she said. “I was able to try a lot of different things.”

From her beginning as systems analyst to consulting for some of the most preeminent healthcare systems in the country on process improvement and project management to being a recognized as a national thought leader in enterprise clinical imaging, Garriott built her career with hands-on experience in a lot of different areas, giving her a well-rounded background in health IT.

Today, she uses that diverse experience to drive business and sales development and help her clients more fully leverage their technology investments while improving workflows for clinicians.  But no matter what your role in health IT, Garriott stresses the importance of communication.

We spoke with her about the challenges and future of telehealth, and the most important things she’s learned in the industry: […]

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