Health IT professionals are in a unique and challenging position — both healthcare and technology are constantly changing. While you’re an expert in your daily job functions, there are always new regulations, new technology, and evolving trends to keep in mind.

It’s a lot to juggle, but there are experts in the field sharing news, trends, and insights on everything you need to know in the field of health IT. Call them social media mavens, influencers, or thought leaders, these professionals can help you stay on top of the never-ending wave of information while presenting fresh points of view.

Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you and identified the top thought leaders you need to follow in health IT:

Jennifer Dennard

If you ever seen, followed, or used #healthITchicks, Jennifer Dennard is the woman to thank. In addition to sharing stories of inspirational women in health IT, sharing advice and building a community in a #healthITchicks LinkedIn group, she co-hosts the Health Standards podcast, HITcast. Folllow her on Twitter, sign-up for her newsletter, join the LinkedIn group, or subscribe to the podcast for advice, insights, and trends specifically for professional women in health IT.

Where to find Jennifer Dennard: Twitter

Mandi Bishop

Mandi Bishop uses Twitter to talk about health IT, and in her words, disrupt healthcare. As a chief evangelist and co-founder for Aloha Health, she tweets about innovation in healthcare, news in health IT, and offers insights on running a startup in the space. In addition, she blogs regularly on LinkedIn about healthcare trends, her experiences, and her thoughts on where the industry is headed.

Where to find Mandi Bishop: LinkedIn and Twitter

Lygeia Ricciardi

Lygeia Ricciardi was one of the first pioneers into patient engagement. From 2011 to 2014, she launched and led the Consumer eHealth Program at the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT at the US Department of Health with the goal of digitizing healthcare and bridging the gap between patients and data. Today, she serves as the president of Clear Voice Consulting, advising companies on how to best engage their patients. Follow her for the latest trends and insights on how technology is transforming patient care.

Where to find Lygeia Ricciardi: LinkedIn and Twitter

Sue Schade

A nationally recognized health IT leader, Sue Schade recently launched a new healthcare IT advisory firm, StarBridge Advisors. Using that experience, she’s a regular contributor for, sharing insights on what it means to be a health IT leader and CIO. She also blogs regularly on her own website and on LinkedIn.

Where to find Sue Schade: LinkedIn

Bill Esslinger

If you’re interested in all things data, Bill Esslinger is the man to follow. As the CEO of Fogo Data Centers, Esslinger is an expert in cloud storage, big data, and cybersecurity in health IT. He shares the latest news and trends on these topics as they relate to HIPAA compliance, interoperability,  EMR, the healthcare Internet of Things, and more. In addition, he brings his perspective on data to industry Twitter chats.

Where to find Bill Esslinger: LinkedIn and Twitter

Linda Stotsky

Linda Stotsky’s Twitter handle @EMRAnswers says it all — if you have EMR questions, she has the answers. That’s because she’s focused on the usability of technology, helping to improve the user experience in health IT and to educate patients and providers on its use. She keeps on eye on new technologies, how health IT is overcoming challenges, and more in her Twitter feed and LinkedIn posts.

Where to find Linda Stotsky: LinkedIn and Twitter

John Lynn

John Lynn is behind one of the most popular blogs and Twitter feeds in health IT — While the feed features the latest news in health IT, his personal account features some of his own opinions on healthcare and technology trends.  He’s also one of the most active voices when it comes to industry Twitter chats, and often live tweets health IT speakers and events.

Where to find John Lynn: Twitter

Regina Holliday

Health IT isn’t just about the tech, it’s about patients, too. As a patient advocate, Regina Holliday focuses on ways technology can improve patient care and the patient experience while empowering them to take control of their health. She is the founder of the Walking Gallery, a movement in which Holliday and other artists create paintings about patients and medical advocacy worn on the backs of government employees, technology gurus, medical professionals, social media activists, CEO’s of companies, and artists. She blogs and tweets about patient care, technology, and the future.

Where to find Regina Holliday: Twitter and Blog

John Nosta

John Nosta is all about innovation in science, medicine, and technology, serving as one of the biggest champions for digital health. His Twitter feed is less about the state of health IT today, but his musings about what it could be in the future. He discusses everything from virtual reality, to pain medication, to the doctor patient relationship, to big data, and includes his own thoughtful perspective. No matter your sector of health IT, he presents an exciting view of the possibilities in the field.

Where to find John Nosta: Twitter

Colin Hung

Colin Hung is the co-founder of the Healthcare Leadership Blog, an online community of professionals who discuss healthcare, health IT, and everything that goes along with it. Once a week, they conduct a Twitter chat using #HCLDR and hundreds of professionals share their thoughts on healthcare challenges and innovations.

Where to find Colin Hung: Twitter

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