Jobs in health IT are about more than the money. They offer fulfilling, rewarding careers that allow professionals to make a real impact on the lives of patients. But that doesn’t mean money doesn’t matter.

Health IT talent is in high demand, and luckily for professionals in the field, that means salaries are higher than ever. Our 2016 Health IT Salary Report found that on average, professionals earn $93,469 each year — up from $87,443 in 2015 — and the average bonus earned is $7,603.

The third annual report serves as a benchmark for both health IT workers and their employers and offers insights into who makes the most money and how professionals can boost their pay.

The infographic below looks at findings from our report and shows how job function, experience, age, gender, and organization type all impact health IT salaries.

Some takeaways to note:

  • On average, health IT professionals feel they deserves salaries of $109,022 — $15,553 more than the actual average.
  • 79 percent of health IT workers are satisfied with their jobs and 51 percent are satisfied with their salary.
  • Project managers reported the highest average salary at $113,188.
  • On average, permanent employees earn $89,668 per year, while contract workers bring in $108,836 each year.
  • Men earned 14 percent more than women in health IT. In addition, caucasian respondents earn up to 16 percent more than African American respondents.  

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Check out the full results to see which health IT jobs pay the most money!

What do you think? Do salaries for health IT jobs fit the demand for talent?

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