You Need to Follow these Influential Health IT Experts

By |Tuesday, January 10, 2017|

Health IT professionals are in a unique and challenging position — both healthcare and technology are constantly changing. While you’re an expert in your daily job functions, there are always new regulations, new technology, and evolving trends to keep in mind.

It’s a lot to juggle, but there are experts in the field sharing news, trends, and insights on everything you need to know in the field of health IT. Call them social media mavens, influencers, or thought leaders, these professionals can help you stay on top of the never-ending wave of information while presenting fresh points of view.

Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you and identified the top thought leaders you need to follow in health IT: […]

You Need To See These Quotes From Health IT’s Best Minds

By |Tuesday, July 5, 2016|

Health IT, while being one of the most stressful professions to pursue, is also one of the most rewarding careers to choose. Health IT professionals impact how we tend to our patients, how our healthcare providers communicate, and how we track and manage treatment plans. Over the course of several months, we spoke with several hard working, dedicated individuals about the impact they make in the world.

Let’s take a look at what these health IT thought leaders had to say about the meaning of their work and what advice they can provide to job seekers and professionals alike: […]

The Top 5 Professional Health IT Skills Employers Need Now

By |Tuesday, September 29, 2015|

The health IT industry is exploding. As healthcare evolves and technology advances, new opportunities are popping up for health IT professionals. But employers are having a hard time filling their many open positions.
Our whitepaper details the current talent shortage and reveals the health IT skills employers need in the current healthcare landscape.
If you’re looking to enter or move up in the Health IT industry, or gain experience in the specific skills health systems and hospitals are looking for, here are the top health IT skills professionals need now: […]

You Can Still Taste a Doughnut

By |Friday, March 7, 2014|

We received our latest blog this morning from David Jacobs, a health IT consultant battling cancer.  He’s our hero and we won’t pretend otherwise, so this brief blog today is totally biased.

In today’s blog, David discusses the trials he faces in having stage 4 cancer, but he also shares the blessings.  For example, he’s […]