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6 Apps Health IT Pros Need to Stay Healthy At Work

By |Tuesday, April 4, 2017|

Amanda has been reeling from the many pressures life has to offer since she graduated high school. From college papers and midterms, determining a major, graduating and finding a job, and all the other unexpected bumps along the way. Attaching ‘normal’ life stressors to a high tension health IT job often puts Amanda’s emotions and health at the bottom of her ‘to-deal-with’ list.

If you’re sitting there nodding in agreement due to your own health IT career, it doesn’t surprise us. In fact, our 2016 Health IT Stress Report found an overwhelming 55 percent of health IT professionals are either constantly or frequently stressed. What’s arguably worse — 45 percent say their stress occurs on a frequent or constant basis.

With so many companies pushing for higher employee well-being, sometimes it’s important to take things into your own hands. So, we searched for apps that can help you determine the main causes of your stress, what is making it worse, and how you can work on healing yourself through daily routines catered to your own lifestyle.

Here are six apps that will get you started on a journey to a healthier you: […]

Who takes Home the Most Money in Health IT?

By |Tuesday, January 31, 2017|

Jobs in health IT are about more than the money. They offer fulfilling, rewarding careers that allow professionals to make a real impact on the lives of patients. But that doesn’t mean money doesn’t matter.

Health IT talent is in high demand, and luckily for professionals in the field, that means salaries are higher […]

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    Consulting Firm Or Hospital: Here’s How To Make The Best Decision For You

Consulting Firm Or Hospital: Here’s How To Make The Best Decision For You

By |Tuesday, January 3, 2017|

You’ve made the difficult decision of choosing a career in health IT — great choice! But now it’s time to choose between a consulting firm and a hospital. Maybe you’re already working for one or the other, but want to know what the grass looks like on the other side of the fence.

When looking at the differences, one thing that has most people stumped is that while consulting companies pay the most in health IT, you’ll find the majority of professionals working for hospitals and health systems. In fact, our 2016 Health IT Salary Survey shows consulting companies, which employ 30 percent of respondents, pay nearly 14 percent more than the second highest paying employer, software companies. However, the most common type of employer, reported by 51 percent of respondents, was hospital and healthcare organizations.

With consulting companies paying such an impressive salary, why aren’t all health IT pros flocking to their doors? The truth is, some people simply fit better in one or the other. Like anything, there are pros and cons to each.

So, let’s take a look at the difference between consulting firms and hospitals to help you decide which path to pursue: […]

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    Health Tech Trends: The Top Safety Risks You Need to Know for 2017

Health Tech Trends: The Top Safety Risks You Need to Know for 2017

By |Tuesday, November 22, 2016|

With changing healthcare legislation and advancing technology, there’s always news in health IT. To help you stay on top of the industry, brings you the most relevant news in healthcare tech. Take a look at the latest tech innovations, new regulations, recent trends, and more.

What Impact Will Trump’s Victory Have on Value-Based […]

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    3 Health IT Stories that Will Make You Feel Proud To be in the Field

3 Health IT Stories that Will Make You Feel Proud To be in the Field

By |Tuesday, November 15, 2016|

What makes the long hours and high stress levels of a career in health IT worth it? The satisfaction you get from knowing your hard work can help to save lives and dramatically improve patient care. But it can be tough to keep this sense of purpose in the face of a heavy workload. In fact, a July Workfront study of 606 employed adults found 74 percent of employees say their motivation for working is to pay the bills.

If you feel like you are just slaving away for a paycheck, here are three inspiring stories to remind you of the true meaning and impact the work health IT professionals do can have: […]

4 Traits of Effective Health IT Leaders

By |Tuesday, November 1, 2016|

Health IT professionals are passionate about their work — they wouldn’t dedicate their time to the profession if they weren’t. But where does that passion come from? While there are many factors involved, some of their passion is inspired by the leaders who help them succeed.

In a recent survey conducted by Tinypulse, tech employees gave their supervisors some of the highest ratings for performance. So why do tech employees love their leadership so much? In health IT, there are a few defining traits that make up standout leadership: […]

How to Know You Have A Chronic Workplace Stress Problem

By |Tuesday, October 18, 2016|

It sounds counter-intuitive, but a little workplace stress can actually be a good thing. Research from the University of California Berkeley suggests that significant but brief stressful events causes stem cells in the brains of rats to create new cells. Two weeks after being put under stress, when these new cells had matured, the rats’ alertness, learning, and memory had improved.

Acute stress can actually help to improve performance among employees as well. During short, stressful periods, employees work harder to meet deadlines, launch projects and systems, and solve problems.

But when workplace stress reaches chronic levels, that’s a problem. Unfortunately, our 2016 Health IT Stress Report found that 55 percent of professionals in the field are at least frequently or constantly stressed. What’s more, 38 percent rated their stress intensity as high or extremely high, while 45 percent said their stress occurs on a frequent or chronic basis.

There’s no doubt that health IT employees are stressed — but just how stressed are they? Here are some warning signs that workplace stress is reaching chronic levels and what employers can do about it: […]

Stressed Out? How to Stay Healthy and Productive at Work

By |Tuesday, August 16, 2016|

It’s morning and you are relieved to see a manageable day ahead of you. As you wrap up your first few tasks, your colleagues start to reach out to you, asking for input on a vulnerability test or showing you corrupt data reports. Next thing you know, it’s late afternoon, you’re surrounded by six empty coffee cups, the hunger pain strikes, and your manager is wondering how the database integration is going.

It’s simple for employees to lose track in the intense cycle of workplace stress, especially in health IT. In a recent survey on stress, we found that 38 percent of health IT professionals say they experience high stress intensity, with 14 percent saying the stress impacts their ability to carry out everyday activities like spending time with friends and family, sleeping, and eating.

Being stressed out from work leads to unhealthy habits — 80 percent of respondents say they sleep less than seven hours a night, and almost half of them say they only exercise one day per week, at the most.

Don’t lose sight of the importance of personal health and well-being. Here’s how professionals can stay healthy, even when they are feeling overly stressed out: […]

Stress At Work — This Is What Affects Health IT the Most

By |Tuesday, August 2, 2016|

Stress at work is inevitable and actually a necessity in some cases. Adaptive stress makes people feel pumped, as blood flow increases to help the brain and muscles meet a challenge. This is “the zone” you get in for reaching peak performance. You benefit from this when you have a pressing deadline and react with deep focus and quick response times.

Stress becomes unnecessary when your productivity wanes, you start to experience physical discomfort, and emotional health issues arise. You may start to feel dizzy as blood pressure rises and you experience lapses in judgement and logical thinking.

According to the 2016 Health IT Job Perk Report, 86 percent of health IT professionals say they feel satisfied with their work, and yet health IT is one of the most stressful industries.

The 2016 Health IT Stress Report found that 55 percent of the 546 respondents said they are at least frequently or constantly stressed. So what can be causing so much stress on a such a frequent basis?

Here are some of the most common causes of workplace stress in health IT: […]

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    This is Why Health Tech is the Most Exciting Part of Healthcare – Insights from Level 3 Communications’ Karin Ratchinsky

This is Why Health Tech is the Most Exciting Part of Healthcare – Insights from Level 3 Communications’ Karin Ratchinsky

By |Tuesday, July 19, 2016|

When we think about the excitement of healthcare, we typically think of the front lines of care — the rush of the emergency room, a surgeon completing a life-saving procedure, or researchers developing new treatments.

But Karin Ratchinsky, director of healthcare strategy for Level 3 Communications, knows what many other health IT professionals know — the real excitement in healthcare is often behind the scenes. Although she comes from a long lineage of physicians, she knew she didn’t want to work on the clinical end. Instead, she was more interested in innovation and wanted to be where the health tech action is.

After completing her MBA at Trinity College in Dublin, she took an opportunity to head up business development and marketing strategy for healthcare at Level 3 Communications. Seven years later, she still thinks the company and the industry are as exciting and dynamic as ever.

We spoke with Ratchinsky about how the industry is changing and what she’s learned from her experiences in telecommunications: […]