6 Apps Health IT Pros Need to Stay Healthy At Work

By |Tuesday, April 4, 2017|

Amanda has been reeling from the many pressures life has to offer since she graduated high school. From college papers and midterms, determining a major, graduating and finding a job, and all the other unexpected bumps along the way. Attaching ‘normal’ life stressors to a high tension health IT job often puts Amanda’s emotions and health at the bottom of her ‘to-deal-with’ list.

If you’re sitting there nodding in agreement due to your own health IT career, it doesn’t surprise us. In fact, our 2016 Health IT Stress Report found an overwhelming 55 percent of health IT professionals are either constantly or frequently stressed. What’s arguably worse — 45 percent say their stress occurs on a frequent or constant basis.

With so many companies pushing for higher employee well-being, sometimes it’s important to take things into your own hands. So, we searched for apps that can help you determine the main causes of your stress, what is making it worse, and how you can work on healing yourself through daily routines catered to your own lifestyle.

Here are six apps that will get you started on a journey to a healthier you: […]

Job Hoppers: 3 Simple Ways to Get Hired

By |Friday, March 3, 2017|

“OK, I have this one in the bag,” thought Jayme. “I’m more than qualified, my resume and cover letter are updated, and I got along with the interviewer perfectly.”

A few weeks later Jayme receives that dreaded “Thank you for applying, but…” email. She is completely baffled about what could’ve gone wrong. So, she decides to be proactive. After emailing the interviewer asking for feedback on how she can do better next time, the interviewer explains that her skills and personality were a perfect fit. However, it was her moving around between three jobs in four years that made them consider someone else who will be permanent.

Jayme couldn’t believe it. She had officially been marked as a ‘job-hopper.’ She had actually never thought of herself as one before because she always left for a promotion, or to follow her passions. It never crossed her mind that those leaps forward in her career would actually be costing her new job opportunities.

Everyday, candidates are stereotyped as job-hoppers. Because they’re unsure of how to present this as a positive attribute during the interview, these qualified applicants end up losing out on their dream jobs.

Here’s how you can promote your job-hopping past during an interview: […]

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    Consulting Firm Or Hospital: Here’s How To Make The Best Decision For You

Consulting Firm Or Hospital: Here’s How To Make The Best Decision For You

By |Tuesday, January 3, 2017|

You’ve made the difficult decision of choosing a career in health IT — great choice! But now it’s time to choose between a consulting firm and a hospital. Maybe you’re already working for one or the other, but want to know what the grass looks like on the other side of the fence.

When looking at the differences, one thing that has most people stumped is that while consulting companies pay the most in health IT, you’ll find the majority of professionals working for hospitals and health systems. In fact, our 2016 Health IT Salary Survey shows consulting companies, which employ 30 percent of respondents, pay nearly 14 percent more than the second highest paying employer, software companies. However, the most common type of employer, reported by 51 percent of respondents, was hospital and healthcare organizations.

With consulting companies paying such an impressive salary, why aren’t all health IT pros flocking to their doors? The truth is, some people simply fit better in one or the other. Like anything, there are pros and cons to each.

So, let’s take a look at the difference between consulting firms and hospitals to help you decide which path to pursue: […]

4 of the Best Things to Love About Health IT Jobs

By |Tuesday, February 9, 2016|

Professionals love health IT jobs — a lot. Our 2016 Health IT Job Perk Report found that 83 percent of health IT professionals are satisfied with their job, and 42 percent are very satisfied. In addition, 89 percent would recommend work in health IT to a young person.
So what makes health IT jobs so great? Here’s a list of the top things professionals love about their jobs: […]

Top 4 Perks of the Best Health IT Jobs

By |Tuesday, January 19, 2016|

Including salaries in your postings for health IT jobs is what any smart recruiter does. But, you may be surprised to learn that health IT professionals care about more than just dollar signs.
Health IT job seekers want to work for employers who value their skills, offer growth, and allow them to work the way they want. Here are some of the top perks offered to health IT professionalsand how to leverage them to bring in the best talent: […]

How to Make Health IT Job Posts More Attractive

By |Tuesday, January 5, 2016|

You know the competition for talent is fierce, but have you considered the fact that the battle begins as soon as you hit “publish” on your job posting? Do you know just how many other health IT jobs are out there fighting for job seekers’ attention?
According to The Conference Board’s monthly counts, online job postings reached 5.7 million in November, the highest total since counting began in 2005. With so many job posts, and a small pool of health IT professionals available, your job post could be getting lost in the noise.
You need to step up your job post game to stand out among the competition and attract top talent. Here are a few small changes to make to your job posts to get the most from them: […]

4 Signs a New Health IT Job is the Best Choice for You

By |Tuesday, December 22, 2015|

You found a new job. They sent you a job offer, and now you just have to take it. But do you really want to switch health IT jobs?
You like your current employer and don’t have any problems at work, but the new job could bring new opportunities. What do you do? How do you know which health IT jobs are worth the switch?
When evaluating a new employer and job, there are a few signs that the job is worth your time and the risk to change jobs. Here are a few things to look for when a new opportunity comes your way: […]

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    Stressed? 4 Things You Need to Look For in a New Health IT Job

Stressed? 4 Things You Need to Look For in a New Health IT Job

By |Tuesday, December 8, 2015|

Feeling stressed? And not just because of the holidays? It may be time to look for new health IT jobs.
In our Job Satisfaction survey, 52.2 percent of respondents said that on a scale from one to 10 they feel chronic stress levels at a six or above on an average workday. Stress can have negative effects on your health and your career, and if you feel burned out, finding a less stressful job can help you feel happy and engaged at work again.
To find less stressful health IT jobs, look for employers who offer these things: […]

Is the Health IT Talent Shortage Improving?

By |Tuesday, December 1, 2015|

Our whitepaper explored the health IT talent shortage in-depth, but the industry is always changing — has the talent supply changed as well?
Here’s a look at the state of the talent shortage, how it may be improving, and what’s still lacking: […]

How to Transition to a Leadership Position in Health IT

By |Tuesday, November 24, 2015|

There’s a serious leadership problem in health IT. In our Job Satisfaction Survey, leadership was among the top three areas respondents felt their employers needed to improve. Among respondents, 51.3 percent rated their supervisor’s ability to lead and engage at five or below, on a scale of one to 10.
What can you do about the leadership problem in health IT? Set the example for leadership yourself!
A health IT job in management may be the next logical step in your career. But you won’t become a health IT manager overnight.
Follow these steps to move your career forward and transition from your health IT job to a position of leadership:  […]