Here’s How To Shift The Focus From Salary To Career

By |Tuesday, February 14, 2017|

Health IT jobs are in higher demand than ever — and everyone knows it. This means your valuable compensation package could be less than or equal to another offer. Quality employees know the opportunities they have based on salary and benefits, but what are they being offered beyond that?

Our 2016 Health IT Salary Report found that the majority of employees are satisfied with their current jobs. The surprise is: money wasn’t listed as their primary reason for workplace satisfaction.

Here’s a look into what is keeping current health IT employees satisfied and how you can attract and retain high quality employees:   […]

How to Be a More Flexible Health IT Employer

By |Tuesday, November 3, 2015|

What’s the most important part of health IT jobs? HealthITJobs.com members surveyed in our 2015 Job Satisfaction survey reported flexible work options are a top perk. In the survey, 40.9 percent of respondents said the option to work from home is the most important benefit a health IT company can offer, followed by flexible work hours.
Top health IT talent wants to work where, when, and how they want. To keep current employees satisfied and attract more talent, employers need to create more flexible health IT working environments.
In addition to offering flexible start times and the option to work from home part-time, health IT employers can offer their employees more creative solutions. Here are a few new flexible options to consider adopting for your health IT jobs: […]