4 of the Best Ways to Find Health IT Talent Faster

By |Tuesday, October 4, 2016|

On average, it takes employers 42 days to fill a position at a cost of $4,100, according to the Society for Human Resource Management’s Human Capital Benchmarking Report.

Employers in health IT know it can take even longer to find the niche skills and high level of experience necessary for the field. While the […]

Here are The Best Ways to Find Talent in Health IT

By |Tuesday, September 13, 2016|

You spend hours looking for the right health IT talent, but all your sources seem stale. You’re seeing the same candidates who aren’t interested or who aren’t right for the position.

You need new talent sources and, lucky for you, the internet is full of recruiting tools. Health IT talent can be tricky to […]

LinkedIn Vs Resume Databases: Which is the Best?

By |Tuesday, August 30, 2016|

You need to fill a position now and you’re under a lot of pressure to deliver a high quality candidate in very little time. Where do you look first? LinkedIn or a resume database?

There are pros and cons to using both platforms, and both are useful in the search for talent. Here’s a look at how the tools measure up as well as the positives and negatives to using each one: […]

Are Passive Candidates Really the Best?

By |Tuesday, May 24, 2016|

You have two potential candidates for a job. Candidate A applied for the job via the career website, while Candidate B is a professional you’re pursuing. They both have similar experience and skills. Which candidate is the better choice? Who do you hire?

If you’ve heard anything about passive and active candidates, you’re probably leaning toward Candidate B — the passive candidate. There’s been a debate in recruiting about passive and active candidates, and passive ones usually come out on top. They’ve gained a reputation for being better, more experienced, and more desirable than active candidates.

Are passive candidates really all they’re cracked up to be, though? Should you really spend more time, energy, and effort to recruit them?

Probably not. Here’s why you may want to skip on passive candidates and focus your efforts on qualified active ones instead: […]

This Is Why You Should Never Ignore Cover Letters

By |Tuesday, May 3, 2016|

You’ve read through dozens of resumes by the time your vision starts to blur. Memory only allows you to recall a few that seem to stand out as top talent, so you push the large stack of rejects to the side. Do you ever wonder if you may be rejecting strong candidates too early?
After all, the competitive market makes it hard to recruit top talent. You may struggling to find A Listers if you aren’t looking in the right places. But if strong candidates are actively finding you, then give them a fair shot.
Resumes can only tell you so much. They are great tools for getting a glance at the experience, skill set, education, and credibility the candidate claims, but you’re missing a major aspect — the person.
Cover letters can tell a lot about a candidate, but unfortunately they remain underutilized nowadays. The 2015 Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey found that 63 percent of recruiters consider cover letters unimportant.
That majority is wrong. A great cover letter can reveal great talent, but most recruiters don’t give these qualified, driven candidates the chance.
This is what a great cover letter provides to potential employers and why you shouldn’t ignore them: […]

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    How to Make Candidates Fall in Love with Your Health IT Jobs

How to Make Candidates Fall in Love with Your Health IT Jobs

By |Thursday, February 4, 2016|

You think your health IT jobs are pretty great, but talented job candidates aren’t feeling the love. They’re passing up your open positions for other opportunities, and you don’t know why.
The problem could be that you’re not presenting the best version of your jobs to candidates. In other words, you’re not showing candidates what they want, so they’re not taking the time to apply.
It’s time to change the approach. Use these tips to make job seekers fall in love with your health IT job postings this year: […]

How to Make Health IT Job Posts More Attractive

By |Tuesday, January 5, 2016|

You know the competition for talent is fierce, but have you considered the fact that the battle begins as soon as you hit “publish” on your job posting? Do you know just how many other health IT jobs are out there fighting for job seekers’ attention?
According to The Conference Board’s monthly counts, online job postings reached 5.7 million in November, the highest total since counting began in 2005. With so many job posts, and a small pool of health IT professionals available, your job post could be getting lost in the noise.
You need to step up your job post game to stand out among the competition and attract top talent. Here are a few small changes to make to your job posts to get the most from them: […]

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    How to Secure the Best Talent with an Attractive Health IT Job Offer

How to Secure the Best Talent with an Attractive Health IT Job Offer

By |Tuesday, November 17, 2015|

Health IT talent is on the move and looking for the best opportunities. In fact, our Job Satisfaction survey found that 74.8 percent of respondents are planning to look for another health IT job within the next year.
There isn’t a shortage of opportunities for these professionals, and the best ones will bring in multiple job offers. How can you get the perfect candidate to choose yours?
The job offer is a delicate part of the hiring process and can make or break your relationship with a candidate. To craft a winning health IT job offer, include what candidates really want: […]

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    3 Reasons Emerging Markets Are the Best Place to Find Tech Talent

3 Reasons Emerging Markets Are the Best Place to Find Tech Talent

By |Tuesday, October 20, 2015|

The demand for IT talent is high, and the supply is scarce. As technology advances, employers are set to add even more tech employees. In fact, CareerBuilder’s 2015 job forecast found that 54 percent of employers surveyed plan to hire full-time permanent IT employees, up from 29 percent in 2014.
The factors fueling the shortage are complex, and vary depending on the specific IT field. But with the talent pool running dry, employers should look to emerging tech markets to fill their needs.
Here are a few ways investing in developing talent can benefit tech employers and emerging tech hubs: […]

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    What Do Pros Want Most? 4 Things the Best Health IT Employers Do Right

What Do Pros Want Most? 4 Things the Best Health IT Employers Do Right

By |Tuesday, October 6, 2015|

To find and hire the best health IT professionals, recruiters are getting more and more creative. The fight for talent wages on with unusual perks and benefits to restructured work environments and cultures. But are these new strategies working? What’s really important to health IT job seekers?
We asked our members to find out. Our 2015 Job Satisfaction survey asked working professionals what was most important to them in health IT jobs, what their employers were doing right, and what they were doing wrong.
To bring the best health IT professionals on board, focus on what they want from employers: […]