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Who takes Home the Most Money in Health IT?

By |Tuesday, January 31, 2017|

Jobs in health IT are about more than the money. They offer fulfilling, rewarding careers that allow professionals to make a real impact on the lives of patients. But that doesn’t mean money doesn’t matter.

Health IT talent is in high demand, and luckily for professionals in the field, that means salaries are higher […]

This Is How to Become a Top Earner in Health IT

By |Tuesday, March 15, 2016|

So you’ve decided to pursue a career in health IT. Smart move — the industry is booming and continues to grow every year. You can earn amazing benefits — health insurance, paid time off, 401k, and flexible spending accounts, among many other things. Job satisfaction is high and you want to join this large group of people who love their jobs.
It’s true — the 2016 Health IT Job Perk Report found that 83 percent of more than 700 respondents said that they are either “satisfied” (41%) or “very satisfied” (42%) with their health IT job. Those who fall into the latter category are more likely to be making over $100,000 per year. While salary is not the only aspect in job satisfaction, you know that a 6-figure salary certainly doesn’t hurt!
You wonder — how can I join the ranks and earn a comfortable living in a health IT career I love?
Let’s take a look at what these top earners in health IT have in common and what you can do now to start down the path of joining them: […]

How to Make More Money in Health IT

By |Tuesday, February 16, 2016|

You’ve been working in health IT for some time and you love it — there’s growth opportunities, awesome benefits and perks, and competitive salaries. But you can’t help but feel you should be making more money.
You’re not alone — our 2015 Healthcare Information Technology Salary Report found that many health IT professionals think they should be making more money. But how do you boost your salary? Who makes the most money in health IT?
The infographic below looks at findings from our report and shows how job function, experience, age, gender, and organization type all impact health IT salaries. […]

4 of the Best Things to Love About Health IT Jobs

By |Tuesday, February 9, 2016|

Professionals love health IT jobs — a lot. Our 2016 Health IT Job Perk Report found that 83 percent of health IT professionals are satisfied with their job, and 42 percent are very satisfied. In addition, 89 percent would recommend work in health IT to a young person.
So what makes health IT jobs so great? Here’s a list of the top things professionals love about their jobs: […]

4 Money Questions You Need To Ask Health IT Employers

By |Tuesday, February 2, 2016|

You’re reviewing a job offer and everything seems great, especially the health IT salary. You’re excited about the numbers the employer gave you, but do you have the whole picture in front of you? Do you know the income potential over time? What benefits are offered? How overtime is rewarded?

Your total compensation involves more than just your salary. Before accepting a job offer, ask health IT employers these questions to get a better sense of full compensation: […]

4 Qualities of the Best Paid Health IT Pros

By |Tuesday, January 12, 2016|

Health IT jobs come with competitive salaries. On average, professionals earn $87,443 each year, according to our 2015 Healthcare Information Technology Salary Report. But some health IT pros earn well above this average.
Different factors all contribute to the salary you earn, and those who make the most in health IT have a few qualities in common. Our salary report highlighted a few of these similarities and understanding them can help you to boost your salary.
Health IT professionals who earn $100,000 or more are more likely to: […]

How to Make Health IT Pros Happy With Their Pay

By |Tuesday, December 15, 2015|

You may think your salaries for health IT jobs are fair, but your employees disagree. Our 2015 Healthcare Information Technology Salary Report found that health IT pros feel they deserve $17,227 more in compensation than they make now, on average.
This difference is huge. And with the many health IT jobs available, you may fear your best talent walking out the door in search of more money. But the truth is, you don’t necessarily need to give your employees more money, you just need to talk more about it.
A survey of 71,000 employees by PayScale found that one of the top predictors of employee satisfaction and their intent to leave was a company’s ability to communicate clearly about compensation. In fact, open and honest discussion around pay was found to be more important than typical measures of employee engagement.
To bring health IT salary expectations back down to Earth, here’s what you need to do: […]