2014 HealthITJobs.com Salary Report

Executive Summary

As we slowly climb out of the great recession, healthcare IT continues to be one of fastest growing careers in the United States. The 2014 HealthITJobs.com salary survey confirmed that health IT professionals can earn a great salary, obtain job security and achieve a high level of job satisfaction.

Every industry has started to embrace technology and the healthcare industry is no different. The health IT job sector is growing by leaps and bounds -- and, after one look at the salary of these savvy professionals, it’s easy to understand why. The mean salary for healthcare IT professionals is $89,879.43, with 30 percent also receiving an average bonus of $13,100.52.

Not only are health IT professionals well paid, they also enjoy high job satisfaction. A full 80 percent of those working in the field are satisfied with their jobs.

If you’ve been considering joining the health IT field or are an industry veteran, here are some key facts about compensation from HealthITJobs.com’s first salary survey.

2014 HealthITJobs.com Salary Report Infographic

2014 HealthITJobs.com Salary Survey Infographic
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About the Survey

HealthITJobs.com collected data for our survey during July and August of 2014. We sent the salary survey to over 8,000 of our members and collected 697 responses.

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Average Healthcare IT Salary

Men and Women Paid Differently

Unfortunately for women in the field, the gender pay gap is very much a problem in health IT.

Men in health IT make a significant amount more than women. The average salary for a male worker is $99,566.68, while for women it’s $82,036.39 -- a difference of nearly $17,000 per year. The data doesn’t present reasons for this gender pay gap, but it’s certainly something the industry as a whole should consider.

A Breakdown of Health IT Professionals

Health IT professionals run the gamut, from newbies to seasoned pros, and from system analysts to project managers. It’s also a profession that tends to skew toward a younger demographic.

In our survey, 52 percent of respondents were 44 years old or younger. The survey also found many health IT professionals tended to have several years of experience, with eight years being the average.

Average Health IT Salary by Age/Experience

Income by Geography

Where you hang your hat will also have an impact on your salary. The region with the highest salary is the mid-Atlantic region, with salaries averaging around $105,923.00. The lowest salaries are in the midwest, with salaries averaging around $81,255.67. Of course, the cost of living in each area needs to be considered before you dream of making mid-Atlantic money.

Average Health IT Salary by State/Region

Job Functions Within Health IT

Not all jobs in health IT are created equal -- some result in higher salaries and more satisfaction than others. The highest salaries by far belong to project managers, who pulled in an average of $111,648.73 last year.

Unsurprisingly, 73 percent of these workers would recommend a career in health IT to others. Of course, the success of project managers might come down to where they tend to work: a full 41 percent of those surveyed worked in the highly compensated consulting space.

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