The 2016 Health IT Stress Report

How Stressful Are Healthcare IT Jobs?

How Stressful Are Health IT Jobs?

Executive Summary

Are you stressed? If you work in healthcare IT jobs, your answer is likely a resounding, yes!

The recent Stress Survey asked this question and more in order to explore the amount of stress in health IT jobs, as well as the factors that impact stress levels.

Health IT jobs are stressful, no doubt, but the survey suggests stress has more to do with individual circumstances than job titles. Factors such as time spent in meetings, hours worked per week, and whether or not an individual manages other people are all factors in determining how likely health IT professionals are to say they are stressed. Even factors such as how frequently they exercise and how much energy they have may be related to stress levels.

While the health IT professionals who report the most stress have some things in common, stress levels largely depend on the individual.

Inside the Report:

  • How stressful is healthcare IT?
  • Which health IT jobs are the most stressful?
  • What causes stress in health IT jobs?
  • How does lifestyle impact stress?

About the Survey

More than 500 health IT professionals participated in the Stress Survey, conducted in April of 2016. Only respondents currently or recently working in health IT jobs were considered qualified, leaving 546 respondents, 470 of which completed the survey.

How Stressed Out Are Health IT Professionals Infographic

How Stressed Out Are Health IT Professionals Infographic
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How stressful is healthcare IT?

The results of the survey indicate that healthcare IT is a stressful occupation. The majority of respondents (55%) are frequently or constantly stressed. More than a third (38%) of respondents report the intensity of their stress as high or extremely high, and 45% say this stress occurs on a frequent or chronic basis. Very few respondents report a low level of stress that occurs infrequently.

Majority of Health IT Professionals Stressed

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