The 2016 Health IT Job Perk Report

Job Benefits & Satisfaction Within Healthcare IT

Executive Summary

You don’t have to be working in health IT to know that the field is booming. As the healthcare industry continues to grow, so too, does its need for technical assistance. From programming and application development skills to security and big data expertise, healthcare employers are clamoring to hire professionals with these types of IT skills who also have an understanding of the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

So how are employers persuading top health IT professionals to take their jobs? And is what they are offering enough to retain talent? Salary is important, of course, but benefits - both traditional and soft benefits - are important too. So what are the most common benefits offered to health IT professionals? And are these perks, coupled with salary, enough to keep them happy in their jobs?

Inside the Report:

  • The most common benefits associated with health IT jobs
  • How to know if your offer package is competitive
  • The top drivers of job satisfaction in health IT
  • What top earners have in common
  • Where health IT pros search for jobs

2016 Health IT Job Benefits & Satisfaction Infographic

2016 Health IT Job Benefits & Satisfaction Infographic
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About the Survey

More than 700 respondents took the Health IT Compensation Survey, answering questions not only about salary but also on the topics of benefits and job satisfaction. The majority of respondents (69%) were currently working in health IT jobs - 78% in permanent health IT jobs and 22% in contract jobs.

Their answers regarding salaries can be found in the healthcare IT Salary Report. For their answers on benefits and job satisfaction, keep reading.

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Health IT Job Benefits

Just one of the many effects of the Affordable Care Act, now all employers of a certain size must offer some kind of health insurance plan to its employees. So perhaps it’s not surprising that 86% of respondents said they have access to health insurance at work. Of those who are offered health insurance, 84% take advantage of the benefit.

84% Have Health Insurance

Health IT Job Satisfaction

Competitive health IT salaries and benefit packages may help convince candidates to take the job, but it will take more than money and perks to keep them there. According to the Compensation Survey results, a large majority (83%) of working health IT professionals described themselves as “very satisfied” (42%) or “satisfied” (41%) with their health IT jobs. In fact, only 4% said they were “dissatisfied” (3%) or “very dissatisfied” (1%) with their jobs, with the other 13% claiming to feel “neutral” - neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with their jobs.

83% Are Satisfied

Profile of Top Earners

Perhaps not surprisingly, the health IT professionals most likely to say they’re “very satisfied” in their jobs are those earning over $100,000. It’s true, while many factors impact professionals’ satisfaction with their health it jobs, salary plays a big part.

Health IT Job Search

Despite the high percentage of respondents claiming to be satisfied in their health IT jobs, half say they will change jobs next year and another 31% said they’re not sure if they will change jobs. This is likely due to the health IT talent shortage.

51% Will Change Jobs Soon

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