What Do Health IT Professionals Want?

Everything you need to know to convince top talent to take your job - and keep it.

Report Summary

The health IT talent shortage is real. So how are employers persuading top health IT professionals to take their jobs over a competitor’s?

The answer is simple – by offering the things that are most important to health IT professionals.

In this report you’ll learn that satisfaction in health IT jobs is high, and yet even those who are highly satisfied remain open to a job change. For this reason, employers must be proactive in their efforts to retain talent, and this report offers advice on where to focus those efforts for maximum impact. Health IT professionals are looking for jobs where they can have it all, but the things most important to them may surprise you.

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What Do Health IT Professionals Want?

Inside the Report:

  • Find out if your current offer packages are competitive
  • Which soft benefits are most important to health IT professionals
  • The top 2 factors impacting job satisfaction and retention
  • How likely your health IT employees are to give notice