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Health Information Technology refers to the framework used to manage health information, and the exchange of health information in a digital format. Professionals, who work in Health IT careers, are focused on the technical side of managing health information, working with software and hardware used to manage and store patient data. HIT professionals are usually from Information Technology backgrounds, and provide support for electronic health records and other systems HIM professionals use to secure health information.

Healthcare IT is the use of computer and digital technology in medical facilities to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical healthcare for patients and providers. Healthcare IT careers can include but is not limited to electronic coding and billing systems, electronic medical records (EMR), and networks for digital imaging such as PACS.

Clinicians who transfer into Health IT careers may come from a background as a physician or a nurse, or from a laboratory career or other allied health technologist. Careers in nursing informatics, clinical process improvement, and service line analysts are a few of the most common careers for former clinicians.


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2016 Health IT Salary Report

2016 Healthcare IT Salary Report

The 2016 Health IT Salary Report looks at how well health IT professionals are being compensated. View salary trends across skills, location and more. View Report

Health IT Stress Report

Health IT Stress Report

The new Health IT Stress report explores the amount of stress in health IT jobs, as well as the factors that impact stress levels. View Report

The Quest to Fill Data Scientist Jobs in Healthcare

Data Scientist Decoding Big Data in Healthcare

Big data in healthcare is exploding and data scientist are vital to decoding this information to improve patient care and profitability. View Report

2016 Health IT Job Perk Report

2016 Health IT Job Perk Report

What are the most common benefits offered to health IT professionals? Are these perks enough to keep everyone happy? View Report

What Do Health IT Professionals Want?

What Do Health IT Professionals Want?

Inside look at everything you need to know to convince top health IT talent to take your job - and keep it. View Report

Health IT Resume Guide

Health IT Resume Guide

Detailed resume tips and advice from actual hiring managers and healthcare IT recruiters that will take your resume to the next level. Download Resume Guide

2015 Health IT Salary Survey Report

2015 Healthcare Information Technology Salary Survey Report

Newly released Health IT Salary Report provides deep insight into compensation trends and salary info within the fast growing healthcare IT industry. View Report

Real-Time Health IT Salary Tool

Real-Time Salary Tool

The new tool invites Health IT professionals to input their healthcare IT salary information so they can then compare it with industry averages. Run Salary Tool

The Health IT Talent Shortage Whitepaper

The Health IT Talent Shortage Whitepaper

Understanding the driving forces behind the infamous skills gap and knowing which skills are needed now and for the future will help health IT job seekers and recruiters to bridge the gap. View Whitepaper

6 Steps to Transition Into Healthcare IT Consulting

6 Steps to Transition Into Healthcare IT Consulting

Our recent salary survey showed that healthcare IT consulting continues to be very lucrative and here are 6 tips to help you transition into a healthcare IT consultant. Read more

5 Ways To Get Paid The Healthcare IT Salary You Desire

5 Tips To Get The Healthcare IT Salary You Deserve

As a health IT professional, are you paid the salary you desire? We have the key to unlocking the secrets behind those who make more money in the field. Read more

5 Easy Ways for Veterans to Break into the Health IT Industry

5 Easy Ways for Veterans to Break into the Health IT Industry

It’s no wonder veterans everywhere are heading back to school to work in the health IT industry. Read more

Who Will Deliver the Next Big Idea in Healthcare IT?

Who Will Deliver the Next Big Idea in Healthcare IT?

The market is ripe for the next big idea in health information management, but which company will introduce it? Read more

2014 Health IT Salary Survey Report

As we slowly climb out of the great recession, healthcare IT continues to be one of fastest growing careers in the United States. The 2014 salary survey confirmed that health IT professionals can earn a great salary, obtain job security and achieve a high level of job satisfaction. Read more

Technical Difficulties of Infographic

Over the last few months I am sure you have heard of the botched launch of In the following infographic, we’re outlining the reasons why the site has had so much trouble, what the costs have been, and what improvements have been made. Read more

Gwinnett Tech Launches Health IT Certificate Program

Gwinnett Technical College is launching a one-year certificate program in Health Information Technology (HIT), training professionals for one of the fastest growing fields in the healthcare sector. Read more

Remote Workers Alleviate Health IT Staffing Shortage

Remote Workers in Healthcare IT

One way healthcare organizations can help fill their open health IT positions quicker & get their projects off the ground is getting on board with the popular trend of enabling a remote workforce. Read more

Got Epic? Jobs abound for those with Epic experience.

Epic Jobs &Work

Those seeking healthcare IT jobs often hear one question: “Do you have Epic work experience?” How did the privately-held company emerge as an industry leader? Read more

Transitioning Into Healthcare IT

Transitioning Into Healthcare IT

There’s no doubt healthcare as an industry needs significant IT help, but transitioning into this highly specialized industry is not easy. The ideal healthcare IT professionals have a solid understanding of both IT and healthcare. Read more

8 Steps to an Effective Healthcare IT Staffing Strategy

8 Healthcare Staffing Tips

One of the few bright spots in the American economy, the healthcare industry continues to add jobs while other sectors struggle to claw their way back from the Great Recession. This increased need means it’s a great time to be in healthcare IT staffing. Read more